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The company was founded in 1969. It was originally the Jiangxi Branch of the Shanghai Institute of Biological Products of the Ministry of Health. It has nearly 50 years of biopharmaceutical history. In 2002, it was restructured into a limited liability company. In 2017, it implemented a shareholding system transformation. It is the largest high-tech leading enterprise in China that specializes in the research, production and sales of anti-toxin and immune serum biological products.

The company’s main products are tetanus antitoxin (immunoglobulin), pregnant horse serum; biotechnology promotion services. With independent invention patents to fill the domestic gap, the leading products have won the “Seventh ASEAN Chinese Medicine Academic Conference Gold Award and Jiangxi Province Excellent New Product”.

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China’s biopharmaceutical industry has accelerated its rise into a “new driving force” for steady growth

In the modern biopharmaceutical production workshop of Qilu Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. located in Jinan, Shandong, my country’s first bevacizumab biosimilar drug, Anke, is in full production. This drug, which is mainly used for the treatment of advanced, metastatic or recurrent non-smal...

China-India cooperation, strong alliance, bright prospects for export situation

From June 10th to 13th, 2012, two technicians from India’s First Serum Research Institute came to our factory under the leadership of General Manager Ren of Ningbo Agency to conduct technical exchanges on TAT production process and cooperation on new products. General Manager Yao Xiaodong p...